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      Research Summary

      Mr. Molter's interest is in the various forms optical imaging (Photomicrography, chemi-luminescence, fluorescence and gross photography). He has developed a technique to image live cells using bioluminescence while they are in a micro-incubator environment. He also developed an electronic phantom in conjunction with Jefferson National Labs to assess the spectral sensitivity of many different bioluminescent platforms. He pioneered a simple technique to deal with false luminescent signals coming from the GI tract in mice. These findings were presented at the WMIC in 2008 in Nice, France.

      He has worked on numerous projects for CWRU researchers and outside companies involving optical imaging. Mr. Molter has worked with bioluminescence since 2004, introducing many researchers to this field of molecular imaging. He also works with X-ray, CT, SPECT, Cryo-imaging and Fluorescence.

      Click on the link to the right for the Case Center for Imaging Research facilities. You will see the various imaging modalities available for pre-clinical imaging research.

      Patent: 5,813,984
      Forensic Skull and Soft Tissue Database on On-line Facial Reconstruction of Victims and Age Progression Portrait Rendering of Missing Children Through Utilization of Advanced Diagnostic Radiologic Modalities.


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